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Clown Rise1 - workshop




"CLOWN RISE 1: Clown and Emotions"

 The Art of navigating the wawes of Life

“Clown-Rise 1 Clown and emotions" is a workshop on the art of navigating  the “emotional currents” through the Clown mask (red nose). In this perspective, the clown mask is a tool to understand life in a lighter, quieter but  more authentic way. 

To navigate among our emotions, it is ESSENTIAL  to rediscover the state of innocence of when we were children, free from judgment and superstructures and always ready to surprise ourselves for everything. It is about accepting what we honestly feel, without hiding our emotions. This is possible if we are willing to take a journey of personal introspection, of knowledge, of emotional intelligence, of fragility, of vulnerability and of our limits.

When a Clown shares his emotions, getting a laugh from the audience, he shows that his emotional universe is a precious treasure, because it causes laughter. Every human being has this treasure.

Making people laugh is a "miracle" that has to do with the real life of "here and now".

Laughing at ourselves and making people laugh are miracles that reveal the beauty of our life and that of the others.




  • A basic body and mind warm up.

  • Space exploration plus techniques of meditation and relaxation.

  • Games and exercises to create empathy, listening and complicity among the participants.

  • Experiential exercises on the state of innocence of the Clown.

  • Laboratory of Art Therapy.

  • Introduction on the difference between primary and secondary emotions.

  • Experiential exercises to explore the primary emotions.

  • Art Therapy laboratory.

  • Themed improvisation games.

  • N.B.: Wear comfortable clothes and socks. Bring a red nose.


Duration three days - 6 hours a day for a total of 18 hours.

Maximum number of participants: 15


  • A clean, well-lit room with smooth floor surface ideally wooden or tiled. 12m x 10m is the minimal room size required.

  • An audio sound system appropriate to the dimensions of the space to which it is possible to connect computer or tablet.

  • One mirror of minimum dimensions: 40x60.

  • A Table and 15 chairs.

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