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Clown Rise -2 Workshop




"CLOWN RISE 2: Totem and Emotions"


The Animal of Power is an allied spirit that each of us possesses. Its function is to give us strength, vitality, health, protection and assistance in difficult moments of our life and to connect us to the power of the universe.


The identification with one's own animal makes it possible to perceive the world differently and to look at it from other perspectives, thus allowing the achievement of dimensions, that would otherwise be inaccessible.


The knowledge of one’s own animal, allows the participant to transcend the boundaries of apparent reality, using some  characteristics, qualities and powers of certain animals.


In the process of exploring emotions, "Totems" (animal entities) are used as vehicles through which each participant expresses his/her emotions during improvisations, evoking the most instinctive characteristics of the animal.


The use of Totems, allows the participants to move away from personal experiences and to live their emotions in a more fluid way. The search for the totem is carried out through an Art therapy module.


  • Basic body and mind warm-up.

  • Space exploration plus techniques of meditation and relaxation.

  • Games and exercises to create empathy, listening and complicity among the participants.

  • Experiential exercises on 5 senses

  • Laboratory of Art therapy.

  • Creation of one's own animal of power

  • Themed improvisation games.

N.B.: Wear comfortable clothes and slipper socks. Bring towel and a red nose.


Duration two days - 6 hours a day for a total of 12 hours.

Maximum number of participants: 15


  • A clean, well- lit room with smooth floor surface, ideally wooden or tiled. 12m x 10m is the minimal room size required.

  • An appropriate sound system to the dimensions of the space to which it is possible to connect computer or tablet.

  • One mirror of minimum dimensions: 40x60.

  • A Table and 15 chairs.

Ancora 1 totem
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