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White Nose - workshop




"WHITE NOSE: When the Moon dreams"

 The Nose Illuminated, Myth, Magic & mystery.

White Nose is a special and intensive laboratory that Jango and I present only once a year and has limited number participants.


The workshop is aimed at both those people wishing to start the Clown theatre code, and at those who already started, that want to deepen this passionate exploration in the mysteries of the Clown.


This is a trip; a trip to remember what we forgot and lost from our original rhythm of the womb.

We will reveal to you the writings of the ancient shamans and mystics clowns, together with the secrets of their teachings.


The course begins by working on the roots of universal theatre, where body language is the predominant communication tools. The starting point is the breath in which the body and voice are directly related.


By special courses, we will send you a series of meditation exercises, crucial to sharpen your sensitivity, improve your awareness and discover our own vulnerabilities.


This adventure is a journey, a crusade of the senses, an observation of our inner part, with the objective to recover the pure essence we inherit at birth ... It is easy to find by the simple act of regression to reach for truth and authentic comic: Revealing our "clown-chi!"



  • 1st stage: melting process of the group, through an encounter by means of sound and sync with the movement of the body.

  • 2nd stage: “Osho active meditations” which frees the actor up to experience the thrills, restoring a balanced flow of energy awareness and a space of inner silence.

  • The third stage: exercises experiential sensory.

  • The fourth stage: exercises and meditations on maternal relationships. 

  • The fifth stage: re-complies the group.

N.B.: Wear comfortable clothes and slipper socks. Bring towel and a red nose.


Duration two days. 

6 hours a day for a total of 12 hours.

Maximum number of participants: 15


  • A Large, bright and airy space, if possible with soil floors.

  • 12m x 10m are the minimum dimensions required for the size of the room.

  • A Sound system to which it is possible to connect a computer or tablet that allows you to listen to the music tracks in an appropriate way to the dimensions of the space.

  • One mirror of minimum dimensions: 40x60.

  • A Table and 15 chairs. 

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