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Court Jester - workshop




"BUFFOONS 1: The Court Jester" 

 The art of absurdity & dada humor. 


This workshop will look at the foundations of the art of the Buffoon, discovering his ridicule and satirical side. We will transform our common fears into comedy using all our creativity and freedom.

We do not need to change, but only to learn to observe from another perspective. Some (happy) elected people will dedicate their lives to the art of laughter ... but everyone can (or should) explore clowning to acquire a new vision of life, where everything is accepted and integrated to be “played”.


The "Idiot," often mentioned in various ways, exists since time immemorial in all cultures until today.

The jester is a character who is still on the margins of society; the mediator between the human world and the world of otherness.


His grotesque body reminds us of an unknown and different world that is feared: the dark side that we cannot know, because it is deep within us and it stays mysterious. His presence is essential to the functioning of society.


The jester represents the alter ego of the king, the power in reverse, the primordial chaos, disorder and death. His lively, satirical and biting comedy, reminds us that everything can change in an instant and that this change is only an openness to new ways of understanding life.


"The idiot", the "fool", is a transgressive character who breaks the rules of conduct, awakening us through laughter. He brings chaos to re-establish -immediately after - the order that has been renewed, thanks to his comic and satirical interventions.


The course offers exercises of "warming body", learning on exclusion and self-exclusion, meditation, improvisation, an Art Therapy workshop (1:30), to create your buffoons (clothing, voice, attitude, biography).


General introduction on the sacred buffoons.

Warm-up exercises, meditations, experiential exercises, games on exclusion and self-exclusion. Meditations, improvisations and an Art-Therapy workshop, through which creating your own fool (clothing, voice, attitude, biography).


N.B.: It is mandatory to have coloured 50x60 Bristol cards (the choice of colours is free and personal), scissors, branches, leaves and glue. It is also mandatory, for each participant, to have a towel and a red nose. The use of loose clothing and comfortable anti-slip socks is recommended.


Duration: three days - 6 hours per day, for a total of 18 hours.

Maximum number of participants: 15


  • A clean, well-lit room, with smooth floor surface, ideally wooden or tiled.

  • 12m x 10m is the minimal room size dimensions required.

  • An audio sound system, appropriate to the dimensions of the space, to which it is possible to connect computer or tablet.

  • One mirror of minimum dimensions: 40x60.

  • A Table and 15 chairs.

Ancora 1 gallery court jester
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